XFCE-4 Script Error & Firebird Issue

Harry E. Allen III hallen at cox.net
Sun Feb 22 14:29:37 PST 2004

Good afternoon,

	I am in the process of building BLFS 5.0 and specifically XFCE-4 per
	the book. The following is from the script in the book:
	tar -xzvf xfwm4-4.0.0.tar.gz &&
	cd xfwm4r-4.0.0 &&
	The extra 'r' added in the 'cd xfwm4r-4.0.0 &&' is a typo and stops
	the script.

	My Mozilla/Firebird quandary is this- I get a xft.pc not found error
	with the suggestion to check/add to PKG_CONFIG_PATH. I am following
	the directions on the build page. I have gone back to the fontconfig
	and xfree86 build pages to see if I could find what I missed as well
	as checking Google. Any ideas as to what I missed?


Harry E. Allen, III


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