Problem switching from X to terminal

John Vodden eeyxjav at
Sun Feb 22 11:04:18 PST 2004

On Sun, 22 Feb 2004 17:27:42 +0000, Declan Moriarty wrote:

> We _are_ fairly well souped up, aren't we? DRI, Framebuffer, runlevel 5
> I gather. I'm not doing that because I don't want your headaches ;-).

Well, in the interests of learning. :-)

> That tells me something is hanging onto alt-<F7>. X grabs the 'next
> available' terminal. Your problem may well ne hogging terminal 7.

It looks as though when I log out it kills the server and restarts it
before it has had a chance to finish. I can't find anything that would
tell it to do that nor can I find any evidence in the logs. That's just a
theory based on what I see when I log out.

> Why not go through the motions again, grab a console or xterm at the
> appropiate moment and type ps-e > file. You might see 2 versions of the
> same program, (e.g. X) or something on tty7.

I certainly agree that the problems may well be related. Typing ps at the
right moment might be interesting to achieve as it occurs at the moment
that I log out from X. I will see if I can insert it into one of the
scripts that xdm uses and see if I can catch anything.

> I would also back off to runlevel three and see if it improves things.

Using startx causes no problems at all. I could certainly live with
starting X manually each time I want to use it but that always seems a bit
of a clunky way of doing it.

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