Problem switching from X to terminal

John Vodden eeyxjav at
Sun Feb 22 08:14:36 PST 2004


I've worked through LFS 5.2-PRE1 without problems. I then used the
instructions from BLFS 5.0 to install XFree86 4.3.0. I continued with
the instructions to set up xdm.

When I first log-in everything works correctly. If I log-out I am no
longer able to access the text-mode consoles. When I log out the following

    1) screen changes mode and displays junk for a moment
    2) screen changes mode back and returns to xdm log-in screen
           at this point the X server has moved from alt-f7 to alt-f8

Now if I try to switch to a tty I get a completely blank screen if the
console is set up to use a framebuffer (via the tdfxfb kernel module) or a
static view of the last x-display if the console is set to a vga video
mode. I am able to switch back to X with no issue. I am also able to type
"blind" to the console; I can even change runlevel without getting the
console back! It appears to be some kind of video issue.

I have a 3dfx Voodoo3, X uses dri support (tdfx kernel module) which is
functioning correctly.

Google hasn't been much help for me on this one. I wondered if anyone else
had experienced anything like this or had any suggestions as to how to fix


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