iptables/NAT problem?

Miguel Bazdresch lfs-01 at thewizardstower.org
Sun Feb 22 04:09:18 PST 2004

* Markolbert at aol.com <Markolbert at aol.com> [04-0222 12:16]:
> Right now I'm not too motivated to do anything with those cards
> other than introduce them to a 20 pound sledge :)
> But assuming I want to invest yet more time on the problem, how
> would I go about checking out a mismatched mtu and/or fragmentation
> problem?

One quick and easy way is to run ifconfig and check the MTU of your
interface, and then check the MTU of your windows clients. If they
don't match you'll have problems.

I'd suggest reading about more about it, though, at the usual places:




for example.


Miguel Bazdresch

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