OpenSP-1.5 patch failed

Thomas Paricaud thomas.paricaud at
Sun Feb 22 03:56:14 PST 2004

jstipins at wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> So far my construction/installation of LFS has gone off without a hitch...
> I finally ran into a small problem, though, when trying to follow the
> instructions for OpenSP-1.5.
> The problem is that the second patch, OpenSP-1.5-gcc33-1.patch, fails.
> Has anybody seen this before?
> Thanks for your help.  This is my first post to this mailing list, so I
> apologize if I've stupidly overlooked a previous answer to this question.
> -Janis

I tried to apply the patch and it worked.
Are you sure you have OpenSP-1.5 and not 1.5.1 ?
Maybe your patch is corrupted.
If you can't solve the problem try to install OpenSP-1.5.1 as said in BLFS
CVS : it doesn't need this patch.


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