wvdial and devfs

dennis w32 at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 21 17:58:40 PST 2004

Christian H. Kuhn wrote:
> Hi all,
> BLFS 5.0, devfs, no devfsd, no compatibility inodes in /dev
> I installed wvdial and run wvdialconf. wvdialconf is not able to find
> my Hagenuk Speed Dragon on /dev/tts/1. But it is known that the Speed
> Dragon needs to be spoken to in a fixed baud rate. So there might be
> two possible problems with different solutions:
> - wvdial is not working with the devfs and needs a /dev/ttyS1 symlink
>   or a patch or such.
> - i need to use setserial to set the baud rate to the appropriate
>   value.
> (BTW: it would be fine if in BLFS such things as setserial or fbset
> would occur)
> Any hints?
> mfg
> Chris

I never got wvdial to work for anyone but root: could this be your 
situation? (I finally gave up on wvdial and manually configued ppp, 
chat, and such. I got this working, then moved on to rp-pppoe).


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