MIME encoding, Evolution, and mutt

Declan Moriarty declan.moriartyt at ntlworld.ie
Fri Feb 20 07:04:44 PST 2004

Well, I thought I'd share my results to date.

Evolution is ~17MB of source and needs a dozen other packages. I believe
it is/was possible to have evolution without gnome, although this is the
preferred method. If anyone can point me at a way to build evolution
without gnome libs, then I'd love to see it written.

Alternatively, If gnome is only needed to compile, I have gnome libs on
another partition, and mebbe I can point at them.

Mutt seems to have a file mime.types which I found well hidden in
/usr/local/etc. It looks like this. I'll get it into user's subdirs as
~/.mime.types and mebbe things will improve.

# $Id: mime.types,v 2.0 1998/12/12 08:06:44 roessler Rel $

# sample mime.types

application/andrew-inset        ez
application/excel               xls
application/octet-stream        bin
application/oda                 oda
application/pdf                 pdf
application/pgp                 pgp
application/postscript          ps PS eps
application/rtf                 rtf
application/x-arj-compressed    arj
application/x-bcpio             bcpio
application/x-chess-pgn         pgn
application/x-cpio              cpio
application/x-csh               csh
application/x-debian-package    deb
application/x-msdos-program     com exe bat
application/x-dvi               dvi
application/x-gtar              gtar
application/x-gunzip            gz
application/x-hdf               hdf
application/x-latex             latex
application/x-mif               mif
application/x-netcdf            cdf nc
application/x-perl              pl pm
application/x-rar-compressed    rar
application/x-sh                sh
application/x-shar              shar
application/x-sv4cpio           sv4cpio
application/x-sv4crc            sv4crc
application/x-tar               tar
application/x-tar-gz            tgz tar.gz
application/x-tcl               tcl
application/x-tex               tex
application/x-texinfo           texi texinfo
application/x-troff             t tr roff
application/x-troff-man         man
application/x-troff-me          me
application/x-troff-ms          ms
application/x-ustar             ustar
application/x-wais-source       src
application/x-zip-compressed    zip

audio/basic                     snd
audio/midi                      mid midi
audio/ulaw                      au
audio/x-aiff                    aif aifc aiff
audio/x-wav                     wav

image/gif                       gif
image/ief                       ief
image/jpeg                      jpe jpeg jpg
image/png                       png
image/tiff                      tif tiff
image/x-cmu-raster              ras


	With best Regards,

	Declan Moriarty.

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