artsd 1.2.0 and non-kde apps

Tushar Teredesai linux_from_scratch at
Thu Feb 19 14:50:42 PST 2004

Albert wrote:

>On Thu, 19 Feb 2004 22:57:25 +1300
>Simon Geard <delgarde at> wrote:
>>On my particular system, the only thing I still need gtk1 for is the
>>Sylpheed mail client, which appears to have little interest in making
>>the move to gtk2.
>I too had hoped to leave gtk1 behind, but couldn't find a good
>replacement for sylpheed nor for scite.
I have moved to a complete gtk2 based system (though I do have the 
runtime libs around for flash player). My philosophy is simple, if the 
apps needs gtk1, look for a replacement :) After all its been more than 
18 months (and more if you consider when the development releases 
started) since gtk2 was released!

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