Java - Sun or Blackdown ?

Tushar Teredesai linux_from_scratch at
Thu Feb 19 09:31:03 PST 2004

BARRE Arnaud wrote:

>I would to know why LFS use Sun Java either Blackdown Java ?
>Sun is better than Blackdown ? 
>I didn't see on internet any articles wich prove this. But my 
>experience on linux is very poor and i dont know everithyng so excuse 
>me if this question is bad.
>Is it possible to know your choice between blackdown and sun ?
AFAIR, Blackdown started a Linux port of JDK with Sun licesnsed source 
at a time when Sun did not support Linux. Since Linux is now one of the 
officially supported platforms, I don't see much difference in the two. 
Blackdown generally tends to provide additional downloads as compared to 
Sun [e.g. they distributed gcc-3 compiled Java plugin before Sun, though 
not before LFS ;-) ], but they generally lag slightly behind in releases.

BLFS picked Sun because they usually have the latest release and they 
also have an option to download the source (of course with license 

And after writing all this I noticed that you sent the mail to lfs-dev. 
This question is more appropriate on blfs-support. So please respond there.

Tushar Teredesai
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