artsd 1.2.0 and non-kde apps

Gregory Davis gregdavis at
Wed Feb 18 16:07:53 PST 2004

Tushar Teredesai wrote:

> Simon Geard wrote:
>>Ah. In that case, have you tried Beep (
>>It's basically xmms, but ported to gtk2. I've just installed it myself,
>>aiming to eliminate gtk1 from my system completely - seems to work
>>nicely enough.
> Yep, and it also seems to be compatible with xmms. I installed it and
> then made the following compatibility links:
>     ln -sf beep-config /usr/bin/xmms-config
>     ln -sf /usr/lib/
>     ln -sf /usr/lib/
> (The last one is for mplayer since it [incorrectly] checks for
> instead of

I tried it, it works.  The arts plugin is in a separate package which doesnt
completely build (fails on a linking error), but can be built by going to
the appropriate directory in the source and building there.  What is left
in BLFS or any LFS derivate that still uses gtk1?


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