gcc error while compiling XFree86-4.3.1

Andre Müller andre.muller at web.de
Wed Feb 18 11:53:28 PST 2004

Thomas Paricaud wrote:
> Have you tried to compile it exactly like the book says ?
> I compiled xfree so and I looked in the xfree-compile.log. It has executed
> the same commands without any errors.
> Thomas

apart from the changes in the host.def i mentioned
(i tried it without giving the keyboard and with crypt,
to be even closer to the book).

specifying /etc/X11 directly ought to be harmless anyways,
and march=pentium2 did not cause problems by now.
i´m not shure about the consequences of switching it to i686,
(i´ll have a look...)

but otherwise i followed the instructions verbatim, double-checked.

WORLDOPTS="" make World 2>&1 | tee sth

is the commandline. issued make clean before retrying.


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