artsd 1.2.0 and non-kde apps

Simon Geard delgarde at
Wed Feb 18 01:46:31 PST 2004

Gregory Davis wrote:

> A bug report (#1525) on the xmms website says its because arts 1.2.0
> uses glib2, whereas xmms uses glib1.  This totally breaks the
> scheduling that was once possible with workarounds or output plugins.
> Greg

Ah. In that case, have you tried Beep (
It's basically xmms, but ported to gtk2. I've just installed it myself,
aiming to eliminate gtk1 from my system completely - seems to work
nicely enough.

If the problem you're reporting is due to that glib1/glib2 mix, using a
gtk2 based app like Beep shouldn't be affected.


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