ip firewalled in p2p

Dienadel no at use.this.es
Wed Feb 18 00:49:03 PST 2004


yesterday, for knowing what is that of mldonkey, installed it as is
explained in the hint. Of course, iptables, was modifies as says the hint.
As i didnt shared anything, nobody "uploaded" anything, so i shared a few
songs (only for testing). And then, people started to take them :-)
I realized that when a file is upload, i can se, who takes it, the upload
rate.... and the IP. ok. The value of  that IP was "xx.xx.xx.xx. form" for
some people, and for another ones, "firewalled".

My question: is there a way to see, how i am? firewalled or with my IP
accesibility? Or, as iptables is correctly configurated (hint and BLFS), am
i firewalled?

Thanks all

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