MIME encoding and mutt

Guenter Hopf qe1 at qe1.org
Tue Feb 17 02:55:29 PST 2004

hi Declan,

well, all i can say is, Mutt is able to do MIME, it works perfectly well
for me (at least i can read all my ebay mails). as far as i recall you
need some extra library for MIME, so you might need to get that and
recompile mutt (which is peanuts compared to compiling evolution...). i
dont remember which lib that was though.


On Tue, 2004-02-17 at 11:15, Declan Moriarty wrote:
> I got this the today from ebay. I'm running mutt in a console.
> Your Email Client does not support MIME encoding. Please upgrade to
> MIME-enabled Email Client (almost every modern Email Client is
> MIME-capable).
> Can mutt do this for them?
> I suppose I could get into Evolution, or the like. I never got fond of
> mutt, just fond of not having to jump into X every time.
> Even if mutt does do this, that still leaves me with the problem that
> urls don't copy 'n' paste from consoles to X.
> Is it worth the pain to get Evolution, or the like? This is LFS-3.3, BTW
> and LFS-5 is coming along into BLFS - s l o w l y.
> -- 
> 	With best Regards,
> 	Declan Moriarty.
Kiss that frog, and you will get your prince... 8)

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