kdelibs-3.1.4 compile errors

Simon Geard delgarde at ihug.co.nz
Tue Feb 17 01:52:47 PST 2004

Kuba wrote:

> Kuba wrote:
> > Hi Everyone.
> > 
> > While running make on kdelibs-3.1.4 I encountered following
> > problems. deviceman.cc:348: error: `SND_SEQ_OPEN' undeclared (first
> > use this Somebody got any ideas?
> Probably your version of alsa-lib is too new
> Yep that was the case.
> I had alsa-1.0.1
> As I reverted to 0.9.6 problem disapeared.
> Thanks for quick response.
> Kuba

Same kind of problem I was getting with the Vorbis tools - in that case,
the libao package compiled against the newer Alsa, but didn't run. Other
packages, like SDL or a newer libao produce various compile errors.


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