Mouse error

eklirmr at eklirmr at
Mon Feb 16 12:24:20 PST 2004

In the last few days I've built LFS 5.0 on two different PCs, a Dell
Dimension H266 and a more recent Dell Dimension D4100.  There were no
problems on either machine.  Now I'm installing some libraries and
utilities, following the BLFS book; no problems on the H266, and just
one small problem on the D4100.

I've installed gpm on both machines.  On the D4100, when gpm runs at
startup, I get the following:

error [mice.c (18770]: imps2: PS/2 mouse failed to read id, assuming
standard PS/2.

The mouse behaves very strangely and so does the screen.  But if I
then do ./gpm restart, there are no error messages, and everything
works fine.

Both PCs do indeed have a PS/2 mouse, and I've altered the boot
scripts to echo the values of $MDEVICE and $PROTOCOL to be sure that
they're passed correctly.  This doesn't happen on the H266, but it
happens every time on the D4100, and it also happens when I install
gpm on the old LFS 3.0 system on the D4100.

>From looking in Google and the gpm man page, I've seen that there can
be a conflict between gpm and X, but I haven't installed X on the
D4100 yet.

OK, it's a minor problem and it's easily cured, but I'd like to know
why it happens.  Does anyone have any ideas?




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