Apache with suEXEC

Christian Tröster c.troester at gmx.de
Mon Feb 16 10:28:49 PST 2004

Hello Benjamin!
Am Montag, 16. Februar 2004 13:26 schrieb Benjamin Boksa:
> I try to install apache 2.0.48 based on the commands in the BLFS 5.0
> book with suEXEC enabled, but somehow suEXEC doesn't work (see the end
> of the Email for the exact commands I use)
> What can be the problem? What have I done wrong (I never had any
> problem using suEXEC with apache 1.3.x)?
> It would be great if you could give me some information about how to
> use suEXEC.
The config seems to be fine. What does your suexec.log say?

Bye, Christian


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