KDE 3.2 Anti-Aliasing problems?

Paul Sprakes pauls at sprakes.co.uk
Sun Feb 15 16:03:31 PST 2004

I had similar problems and I ended up doing the following:

Copy all ttf fonts to a backup location.
Use KDE's font installer in control centre (as root) to delete your ttf fonts.
Use the font installer to reinstall the fonts from your backup location.
Delete your font properties files in your home (as normal user, not root) dir 

rm .font* (make a backup first, just in case)

Log out and back in again.

I'm not sure why it worked, but fonts look great now.

On Sunday 15 Feb 2004 07:33, Durk van Veen wrote:
> Is anyone else having issues with font anti-aliasing since upgrading to the
> newest KDE? For me things started to go wrong as soon as I compiled QT
> 3.3.0 and replaced the version I used to run with it, even before having
> compiled any of the packages in KDE itself.
> Any ideas ?
> Durk

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