Vorbis libraries on LFS 5.1?

Alexander E. Patrakov semzx at was.at.newmail.ru
Sat Feb 14 05:58:46 PST 2004

Simon Geard wrote:

> The package and all related libs (libao/ogg/vorbis) all compiled and
> installed without any errors - however, when I try to play something
> with ogg123, it outputs the file metadata, then exits with the
> rather blunt message "Killed". No sound is produced.

Can't reproduce this on my NPTL-enabled LFS (ALSA drivers from linux-2.6.1,
userspace libs are 1.0.2, the soundcard is ABIT AU10, FM801-based).

Could you please specify your audio hardware and drivers?
Alexander E. Patrakov

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