Bittorent/wxPython Problem

Philipp Frank Philipp.Frank at
Fri Feb 13 14:54:47 PST 2004

Hi there!

Has anybody Bittorent got to install? Well, I tried, but first one
needs wxPython. Not enough, that one needs wxGtk, which comes in the
same source package. I can compile and install wxGtk (without opengl
support, but that should be fine, right? I mean, I could install Mesa
and Glut, but I don't think I need that opengl stuff just for
Bittorent), but wxPython fails with a lot of this-and-that-not-defined
error messages, though configure ran fine. Does anybody know that
problem? I'd sure be grateful for a fast answer.

Now, I'm not posting the error messages, because I can't get hold of
them! When I try "python build | less", everyhing still just
scrolls by and I can't scroll up again in less. What's up there? I
also tried "python build > build.log", but the file stays
empty... Maybe a hint in that direction could tip me of where the
problem is. Thanks in advance!


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