w3m slow to connect to website

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Fri Feb 13 09:54:11 PST 2004

On Fri, 13 Feb 2004 eklirmr at wanadoo.fr wrote:

> My new system is advancing well: I installed the necessary libraries

> faster and cleaner.  However, on the LFS 5 partition, the actual
> connectiom to any given Web site takes much longer: w3m displays the
> message "Opening socket ..." and then just seems to hang for about
> 5-10 seconds.  This is very irritating when moving through a long
> series of Web sites.  It also happens using w3m on a text-only
> console.
> The connection under Debian is established more or less instantly.
> Connection to the Internet is via ethernet card and ADSL router.
> Can anyone suggest what's going on?  How can I find out what's
> happening during this "Opening socket" message?

My first guess would be a DNS problem. Have you got your
/etc/resolv.conf essentially like the Debian one? Are you activiting a
caching nameserver locally (I expect the Debian one does?). Do you have
the correct IPs for your ISP's nameservers?

That's where I would first look, with the symptoms you describe.

> Paul

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