w3m slow to connect to website

eklirmr at wanadoo.fr eklirmr at wanadoo.fr
Fri Feb 13 09:06:39 PST 2004

My new system is advancing well: I installed the necessary libraries
and recompiled w3m so that it now displays in-line images.  On my LFS
5 system I'm using wmx as a window manager.

On the same machine (Dell H266, 266 MHz, 128 MB RAM), I've also
installed Knoppix to the hard disk with the Debian option.  To make a
comparison, I've installed the same (the latest) version 0.4.2 of w3m
on the Debian partition, using the KDE environment.

As I expected, the performance with KDE on such a slow machine is
sluggish and image rendering takes some time and has some odd
artefacts.  With LFS 5, as I'd hoped, the image rendering is much
faster and cleaner.  However, on the LFS 5 partition, the actual
connectiom to any given Web site takes much longer: w3m displays the
message "Opening socket ..." and then just seems to hang for about
5-10 seconds.  This is very irritating when moving through a long
series of Web sites.  It also happens using w3m on a text-only

The connection under Debian is established more or less instantly.

Connection to the Internet is via ethernet card and ADSL router.

Can anyone suggest what's going on?  How can I find out what's
happening during this "Opening socket" message?




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