p2p (xmule)

luis jure ljure at multitel.com.uy
Fri Feb 13 03:56:49 PST 2004

el Thu, 12 Feb 2004 09:37:32 +0000
alex at 22-music.de escribió:

> Anyone admitting that in an
> unencrypted email that'll be stored on a mailing list would pose himself
> in the way of being sued by the RIAA or similar. You may want to search
> the aMule-Forums for further information.

as the song says, it ain't necessarily so... not everything out there is a
rip off of copyrighted material, it all depends on what you search for...
after all, LFS itself recommends peer-to-peer networks as the "preferred
distribution channel" for packages... so i guess there's nothing wrong with

> The ed2k network demands that you have to upload a lot to get download
> privileges. So the first 24h will be pretty much (60+:1 up:down), but
> this ratio should improve dramatically afterwards.

that seems to be the case, indeed. the situation improved noticeably over
the hours.

> The ID the server gave you shows whether your ports are reachable easily
> or not. A low ID means your ports are blocked. A high ID shows that you
> can connect freely.

i also understand that a little better now, thank you. at first this whole
p2p thing was a complete mystery for me.

best and thank you for the tips,


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