Problems building wmx

Simon Geard delgarde at
Fri Feb 13 02:05:56 PST 2004

eklirmr at wrote:

> Anyway, Simon very kindly sent me the GCC 3.3.1 patch for wmx, so I
> was able to re-compile it without kludges, workarounds or whatever you
> like to call them.  Now I just need to figure out how the patch works

Simple enough. The first file (Buttons.C) was complaining about extra
text after the #endif statements on several lines - a harmless warning,
but still annoying. The fix was to comment out that extra text (as was
already done elsewhere in the file).

The second file (Menu.C) is a common example of how gcc 3.x is stricter
on standards than 2.95. Part of the standards states that when
specifying a default parameter to a function, it should not be specified
in both the function declaration (in the .h file) and the actual
implementation (the .C file). Accordingly, the fix was to remove the
"= NULL" bit from the .C file.


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