Quick CD/DVD burning question

Guy Benson gbbenson68 at netscape.net
Thu Feb 12 21:00:12 PST 2004

calkin at ieee.org wrote:

>>To keep a long story short, to have the CDROM drive use the standard ide 
>>driver with my particular configuration, you
>>need to load the ide-cd module first, even if you only have 
>>hdX=ide-scsi. Otherwise, of the drivers which can talk to
>>the device, the kernel will use the driver which has been loaded first. 
>>So, if the ide-scsi module is loaded first, the kernel
>>will attempt to use that module to talk to the CDROM. In the end, I 
>>wrote an init script to load my modules in the right
>>order (ide-cd module first, then imm, then ide-scsi), so that I could 
>>use my ZIP and CDROM drives and DVD burner
>>as intended.
>Could you not use a hdX=ide-cd to specify which devices use ide-cd
>module? So careful use of hdX=ide-cd and hdY=ide-scsi would specify
>all your devices unambiguously? Have not tried it, so do not know.
>But how else could you set up both to be built into the kernel (not
>modules) unless this was possible, for example?
Yes,  that works as well. I realized that that might work, too, after I 
had already sent the message
and shut my PC down. :-)

I just changed it. So now, since my DVD burner is the master on ide 
channel 2 and the CDROM
is the slave on the same, I  have now changed the append line to add 
"hdc=ide-scsi hdd=ide-cd".
I still have to load the ide-scsi and imm drivers on startup (ide-cd 
autoloads on mount), but there's
no ambiguity for the drives.


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