Quick CD/DVD burning question

Andrew Calkin calkin at ieee.org
Thu Feb 12 19:00:35 PST 2004

> To keep a long story short, to have the CDROM drive use the standard ide 
> driver with my particular configuration, you
> need to load the ide-cd module first, even if you only have 
> hdX=ide-scsi. Otherwise, of the drivers which can talk to
> the device, the kernel will use the driver which has been loaded first. 
> So, if the ide-scsi module is loaded first, the kernel
> will attempt to use that module to talk to the CDROM. In the end, I 
> wrote an init script to load my modules in the right
> order (ide-cd module first, then imm, then ide-scsi), so that I could 
> use my ZIP and CDROM drives and DVD burner
> as intended.

Could you not use a hdX=ide-cd to specify which devices use ide-cd
module? So careful use of hdX=ide-cd and hdY=ide-scsi would specify
all your devices unambiguously? Have not tried it, so do not know.
But how else could you set up both to be built into the kernel (not
modules) unless this was possible, for example?


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