Networking problems on finishing LFS

Ken Moffat ken at
Thu Feb 12 16:40:11 PST 2004

On Fri, 13 Feb 2004, Ashley Oliver wrote:

> > Does dmesg show anything interesting, such as negotiating
> > the speed (some nic drivers are very quiet in the logs,
> > others are very noisy, so finding nothing can be a good
> > sign).
> Argh, sorry forgot to run dmesg, but I do see speed negotiations happen at
> startup, and for some reason also after a few failed ping attemps. Says
> something like 'Set to 100Mbps full duplex following negotiations'.

 Ok, I'll believe the connection is there.

> My card is a PCI one, with some realtek chipset. Can't remember the model
> now... RTL31...something, but when I found out what it was I saw Linux
> actually included a driver for the exact model, so that's compiled into the
> kernel. Seems to be okay, since Linux detected it fine, and brings up the
> interface with no problems.

 There are a variety of options on the rtl8139too, if that's it.  Might
be worth looking at those and perhaps trying some of them.

> I might rebuild all the network-related files from scratch tommorow, and
> check the things I selected to be put in the kernel, and recompile that too,
> just to make absolutely sure everything is as it is supposed to be... but
> I'm pretty sure it is.

 They look sensible from what you've reported.

> One little thing I noticed... even after a few failed ping attempts, the
> statistics of the eth0 interface still show 0 sent 0 recieved. Shouldn't
> there at least be some sent?

 Guess so.

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