Networking problems on finishing LFS

Ken Moffat ken at
Thu Feb 12 14:44:14 PST 2004

On Thu, 12 Feb 2004, Ashley Oliver wrote:

> The interface is brought up on boot, and reports no problems. 'ifconfig
> eth0' displays exactly what I'd expect, and I've checked all the relevant
> files for errors. Everything looks fine, but I'm unable to ping any of the
> computers on my network. I can ping myself, but any other address, including
> the router itself, results in 'destination host unreachable'.
> Thanks for any suggestions as to what to try next,

 Can you ping this machine from another one ?  Does dmesg show anything
interesting, such as negotiating the speed (some nic drivers are very
quiet in the logs, others are very noisy, so finding nothing can be a
good sign).  Is the cable connected ?

 I seen Bryan has already suggested checking the output of `route'.
Have you double-checked the IP address to make sure there aren't any
typos in it ?

 On one of my boxes, the network card is built on to the mobo.  It used
to get upset very easily, and eventually went in to a terminal sulk (the
driver loads, but I can't use the interface).  Replaced it with an
add-on card on eth1, brought that up instead, everything was fine.  Then
one day I got the familiar error messages for 'no such device' during
boot.  Later on I rebooted, and it has been ok ever since.  Sometimes
these things can be sporadic, but the first place to look is the values
you put in /etc/sysconfig.

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