Networking problems on finishing LFS

Guy Benson gbbenson68 at
Thu Feb 12 13:35:05 PST 2004

me at wrote:

>I've just completed the LFS book, and mostly, things are working fine. The
>problem however, is with networking.
>I've set things up as described in the book, with the following settings:
>Gateway: (My router)
>Gateway interface: eth0
>Hostname: Carbon109 (FQDN: Carbon109.localdomain)
>The interface is brought up on boot, and reports no problems. 'ifconfig
>eth0' displays exactly what I'd expect, and I've checked all the relevant
>files for errors. Everything looks fine, but I'm unable to ping any of the
>computers on my network. I can ping myself, but any other address, including
>the router itself, results in 'destination host unreachable'.
>Thanks for any suggestions as to what to try next,
I beleive that this is in a FAQ somewhere, but, did you set up the 
resolv.conf file?


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