Networking problems on finishing LFS

Ashley Oliver me at
Thu Feb 12 13:26:40 PST 2004


I've just completed the LFS book, and mostly, things are working fine. The
problem however, is with networking.
I've set things up as described in the book, with the following settings:

Gateway: (My router)
Gateway interface: eth0
Hostname: Carbon109 (FQDN: Carbon109.localdomain)

The interface is brought up on boot, and reports no problems. 'ifconfig
eth0' displays exactly what I'd expect, and I've checked all the relevant
files for errors. Everything looks fine, but I'm unable to ping any of the
computers on my network. I can ping myself, but any other address, including
the router itself, results in 'destination host unreachable'.

Thanks for any suggestions as to what to try next,


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