Quick CD/DVD burning question

Guy Benson gbbenson68 at netscape.net
Thu Feb 12 13:23:25 PST 2004

jeremy at linuxfromscratch.org wrote:

>On Thu, 2004-02-05 at 01:45, Guy Benson wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>I got a DVD burner for Xmas, which I'm in the process of getting up in working. I also have an existing CD-ROM drive. I've been reading (or, trying to read between interruptions) the various FAQ's/mail archives, but one thing is not completely clear to me: is the use of the SCSI layer an "all or nothing" proposition?
>Now, on to the meat of your question.  If you have separate CD-ROM and
>CD-RW drives, you can certainly use normal ide (hdx) interface for the
>CD-ROM, and the ide-scsi support for the RW.  That's what I do here, and
>here's what I do.
>Compile the following things *IN* the kernel, not as modules:
>IDE CDROM Support
>SCSI Emulation Support
>SCSI CD-ROM support
>SCSI Generic support
Hi, all,

Just wanted to give a quick update of this, since some of thie 
information might be useful.

After trying Jeremy's advice, I found that it didn't work for me. Not 
because the advice wasn't good, but because of my
ZIP drive that I have hanging off the back of my box: I didn't mention 
that I also have a parallel port ZIP 250 which
utilizes the scsi layer, as well. This tended to complicate things.

As it turns out, its not possible to compile the imm driver (used by the 
ZIP drive) into the kernel. So, when I tried to
build the scsi stuff into the kernel as per above, the imm module would 
give  "unresolved symbol" errors when running
depmod. (NOTE: I have the ALSA and X DRM modules saved: whenever I 
rebuild the kernel I untar these modules
and run a depmod, so that I don't have to rebuild these modules again.) 
So, I then tried to build just the scsi stuff as
modules, with the IDE CDROM pieces built in. Still no dice. This time, 
the sr_mod module would give me unresolved
symbols. But, not willing to be daunted, I had the idea to build the IDE 
CDROM support as a module, as well. After a
depmod, no unresolved symbols - I was on the right track. But, all was 
not solved.

To keep a long story short, to have the CDROM drive use the standard ide 
driver with my particular configuration, you
need to load the ide-cd module first, even if you only have 
hdX=ide-scsi. Otherwise, of the drivers which can talk to
the device, the kernel will use the driver which has been loaded first. 
So, if the ide-scsi module is loaded first, the kernel
will attempt to use that module to talk to the CDROM. In the end, I 
wrote an init script to load my modules in the right
order (ide-cd module first, then imm, then ide-scsi), so that I could 
use my ZIP and CDROM drives and DVD burner
as intended.

A bit long-winded, but I hope that someone finds this info useful...


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