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Thu Feb 12 02:24:17 PST 2004

eklirmr at wrote:

> On Wed, Feb 11, 2004 at 05:43:07PM +0000, Ken Moffat wrote:
> > ...
> > These sorts of errors in _old_ c++ programs are common under modern
> > versions of gcc.  I'm not familiar with wmx, but in general it's a
> > good idea to use the _latest_ stable release, and if you still have
> > problems try a prerelease or CVS version.  gcc-3.3 and later is much
> > more picky about compliance with standards in c++.
> > 
> Hi Ken,
> Thanks for your reply.  Unfortunately there isn't a more recent
> release of wmx as far as I can see.  I've tried posting to the wmx
> list as well but my mails got returned.  Maybe the program just isn't
> maintained any more (pity).

You're in luck - that 'default argument' error is one of the fairly
common problems with older code running under gcc3, and I was bored
enough to download the wmx source and try fixing it. With the attached
patch, it compiled fine on my machine with gcc 3.3.1 (it also fixes the
warnings in Buttons.C).

Feel free to pass the patch on to the maintainers of the program, if
it is actually maintained...

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