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alex at 22-music.de alex at 22-music.de
Thu Feb 12 01:37:32 PST 2004

On 11.02.04 19:20 -0300, luis jure wrote:
> hello list, 
> anyone using xmule or similar?
You wouldn't get much answers to that. Anyone admitting that in an
unencrypted email that'll be stored on a mailing list would pose himself
in the way of being sued by the RIAA or similar. You may want to search
the aMule-Forums for further information.
> this is my first experience with those p2p programs. i have just compiled
> and installed xmule 1.6.1 (1.7.3 wouldn't compile), but it doesn't seem to
> download anything. after a couple of hours i have 16 Kb out of 680 Mb...
The ed2k network demands that you have to upload a lot to get download
privileges. So the first 24h will be pretty much (60+:1 up:down), but
this ratio should improve dramatically afterwards.
> that for sure is related to ports, priorities and the rest. please excuse my
> ignorance in the subject. i have a pppoe connection to my isp, and no
> firewall. 
The ID the server gave you shows whether your ports are reachable easily
or not. A low ID means your ports are blocked. A high ID shows that you
can connect freely.
> any ideas what aspects of the configuration should i take care of to make
> this thing usable?
If you could configurate that, you should change the value of your
patience; that'd help in this case.
> thank you very much as always.
Good Luck and have fun.
> lj
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