LFS 5.0 - pkgconfig-0.15.0 - PKG_CONFIG_PATH

Albert alwagner at tcac.net
Wed Feb 11 16:40:53 PST 2004

Dagmar d'Surreal wrote:
> ...which means if you built it with --prefix=/usr, it will always look
> in /usr/lib/pkgconfig no matter what PKG_CONFIG_PATH is set to.

That might explain it then.  Are you saying pkg-config compiles in the
<prefix >/lib/pkgconfig path?  There is more than one way to install
into <prefix>.   I use a package management tool like stow.  I install
into another prefix and then link the files to <prefix>.  That seems
like a bug to me.  pkg-config would be more robust and flexible if it
didn't do that.

> If
> you followed the book's instructions, then pkgconfig was installed in
> /usr, and if you want it to search /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig, you
> *must* add it
> to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH variable.  This is not a bug in pkgconfig.
> This is also not a bug in the book. 

The book *still* says:
"The default settings for PKG_CONFIG_PATH are /lib/pkgconfig, /usr/lib
pkgconfig and /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig. These settings are hard-coded
and do not have to be exported with the additional paths."

That seems clear to me.  And it makes no mention of those settings being
dependent on <prefix>.

> Since no packages in the book is
> installed into /usr/local, people who follow the instructions won't
> have
> any problem. 

I followed the instructions and still had the problem.


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