ProFTPd Configuration

P.R. gropie-rubble at
Wed Feb 11 14:09:04 PST 2004


* The user exists, with /home/ftp as home directory. I checked the rights. I really don't understand.

Hmmmm. Me neither.

Can you send the lines concerning the user/group
ftp from /etc/passwd and or /etc/shadow and /etc/group ?

The rights should not be the problem, I tried at my own proftpd, the
error message is different when proftpd cannot accesse ftp's home
directory because of no rights.

My next suggestion would be:
Replace the ~ftp in proftpd.conf with the real path.
(/home/ftp was it, right?)

And then: Have you tried to create another user 'test' (always needed
anyways ;-) and configure proftpd for that user?

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