"Remove"-value causes syntax error with loadkeys

Andre Müller andre.muller at web.de
Wed Feb 11 07:27:14 PST 2004

finally, for reference to others,

i think i should announce the solution to the problem of
the Del and End keys only issuing beeps and tildes instead
of doing their job:

i added key definitions to the ~/.inputrc file
(a copy of which may go to /etc/skel, of course)

"\e[3¨": delete-char
"\e[4~": end-of-line

i hope i got the names right, documentation is in
man 3 readline.
a remaining problem is that M-Del is not accepted.
it seems to be a problem with the two escapes at a
time (as Meta is Esc and the key is Esc plus [3~.
seems to be asked for too much. i got M-Esc to do
something by itself, though.

but i can live with that -- alt-d works as well.

Andre Müller wrote:
> this is meant to be the cancellation of this thread.
> it´s my thread, after all.
> the trouble with display giving a tilde and beeping when using the Del
> or the End key is NOT a problem of the keymap, as i am now shure.
> this strange thing happens in bash only -- in ed and cat it displays
> ^[[3~, which is what is to be expected, in emacs and vim it worked
> anyway -- but i didn´t notice until yesterday that vim and so use these
> same keymaps. (yes, i'm a lousy admin)
> the syntax errors have gone away with recompiling and reinstalling
> a few packages (kbd, ncurses, kernel). i don't know why, and i don't
> quite bother, really. for now.
> so, it has to be some problem with the bash or with readline, i guess.
> i'll have to figure that out yet.
> the endless OT about locales:
> i found them on my debian system, all right, but in lfs, i've only got 
> the locale-archive. i even rerun the glibc- install-locale thing. it 
> runs all right, but does not enter these locales you mention (below).
> is that trouble? i should think not, as my problem remains even with the 
> standard keymap and about all the others.
> the del-key should not be an issue of local settings, i guess.
> i'll keep on tracking the problem, but for now, i know quite a few
> things which are not responsible.
> thanx to all, nevertheless!
> andre
>> from Declan Moriarty:
>>  >Presuming you have, I would define a couple of more things: Here's what
>>  >I have in /etc/environment:
>>  >INPUTRC=/etc/inputrc
>>  >LC_ADDRESS=en_IE at euro
>>  >LC_COLLATE=en_IE at euro
>>  >LC_IDENTIFICATION=en_IE at euro
>>  >LC_MEASUREMENT=en_IE at euro
>>  >LC_MONETARY=en_IE at euro
>>  >LC_NAME=en_IE at euro
>>  >LC_NUMERIC=en_IE at euro
>>  >LC_PAPER=en_IE at euro
>>  >LC_TELEPHONE=en_IE at euro
>>  >LC_TIME=en_IE at euro
>>  >LANG=en
>>  >LC_ALL=en_IE at euro
>>  >I wouldn't claim to be the last word on these things,
>> you better not (not an offence in the least)
>> but you screw all the setting up by setting LC_ALL.
>> That guy overrides all of the LC_*-settings.
>> so you should either use that one (would make sense
>> as all the settings say the same, actually), or use
>> the whole long list for some mixed model.
>> as far as i am concerned i only want to modify the LC_CTYPE
>> and go with the default in any other case.
>> re:btw: that's an accent you can deal with, isn't it?
>> that's one of the strange thingys when basing an installation on
>> bloody knoppix. not nice, but the only way i got this all-too-new
>> gforce4-oem thingy to work...
>> i'll be in with reports on my system tomorrow...
>> thanx
>> andre

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