Mutt and .bz2 mboxes

Simon Geard delgarde at
Wed Feb 11 02:21:24 PST 2004

Archaic wrote:

> Just a shot in the dark... has anyone tried to use Mutt to read
> bzipped mbox format files? I ask because vim can read them fine. I'm
> not looking to write, just read. Mutt, however, looks for a valid
> envelope header for the first line and obviously won't get that from a
> bzipped file.

Vim doesn't actually read them itself - it just includes scripting to
run gzip/bzip2 when reading or writing from files with a .gz or .bz2
extension (take a look at /usr/share/vim/vim62/plugin/gzip.vim).

Does Mutt support scripting such as that? If not, the only solution may
be to modify the code to add libbz2 support...


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