Stumped getting qpopper to work

Daniel Freedman daniel at
Tue Feb 10 18:08:03 PST 2004

>This is a completely wild guess but i think that might be a security issue.
>In an earlier post you mentioned that the Linux box would run virus scan 
>the incoming emails, what software are you using to do this.

Not sure yet - I'm still getting the thing set up with anomy sanitizer
and spamassassin at the moment.... but then again I'm only spending a
very little amount of time on it during the week, so progress is

It may be that I needed that line in the xinetd.conf as I'm running it
on a local network behind a firewall and I'd installed openssl and
dhcp... who knows? All I know is that I did some reading around on
various xinetd config options and thought that looked like a good one
to try...

Dan "not exactly a newbie but not exactly a guru either"

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