LFS 5.0, DRIScreenInit failed in X startup

Albert alwagner at tcac.net
Tue Feb 10 06:24:15 PST 2004

Jeremy Utley wrote:
> Did you read the FAQ on the DRI web site? 

Didn't know there was one.  I suppose I can google for DRI? 

> There's a line you have to
> adjust so user accounts have access to DRI.  To see if this is the
> problem, try loading X as root, see if DRI is enabled there..if so,
> you need a mode command in your XF86Config file.

Yes. I was root.
> Another possiblity is your DRI kernel modules are built with a diff
> compiler than you used for your kernel (i.e. kernel is built with
> 2.95.3, but the modules are built with 3.3.x)

Sorry.  It was late when I posted.  I should have stated that I am
running kernel 2.4.24 and compiled DRI into the kernel. 

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