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Richard A Downing FBCS richard at
Tue Feb 10 04:40:37 PST 2004

On Tue, 10 Feb 2004 09:38:56 +0100
cedric < at> wrote:

> > Not unless we can see the whole X log, I'm afraid.
> >
> > To make it accessible to a dual boot windows you could either write to,
> > say, a DOS floppy, or if you have VFAT compiled in the kernel, just write
> > it to the windows partition.
> I want to take it a bit further than that, Is there some util out there that 
> let me acces my ext3 partitions in windows? I would really like it if i just 
> get an extra drive in explorer.
> Greets, cedric
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A brief google search yielded:

It's a million to one chance, but it might just work.  If you try, and it does,
please report back!

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