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On Tue, 10 Feb 2004 00:21:49 -0800
"michael" <michael8110 at> wrote:

> Richard,thanks for answering,but unfortunately removing the file did not
> solve the matter,the same message is still there,oh and i forgot to mention
> that there's additional information as to the sudden disappearance of xinit
> as for the moment, heresy aside,windows is arranging things and i
> remain shocked and surprised :-).Further,i see no reason for this,since i'm
> quite certain not to have turned anything off abruptly,it's as impossible for
> me as going out without locking the door for example.So please,can you think
> of anything else to fish me out of this pickle?Thanks,michael

Not unless we can see the whole X log, I'm afraid. 

To make it accessible to a dual boot windows you could either write to, say, a
DOS floppy, or if you have VFAT compiled in the kernel, just write it to the
windows partition.

The best thing for you to do is to look at the X log in detail, there must be
something other than the log file stopping it. Try:

startx 2>&1 | tee startx.log

to get a copy of the log.

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