LFS Performance comparison

David Jensen djensen at inebraska.com
Mon Feb 9 09:59:41 PST 2004

Andrea Cogliati wrote:

>I'm no benchmarking guru, so I don't want to start a discussion on that.
>I'd just like to share some impressions/opinions. I used Unixbench 4.1.0
>compiled on a freshly installed LFS 4.1 and on a plain Debian (2.4
>kernel) installation (two identical boxes). Debian system is from 14% to
>38% faster than LFS (except for the Pipe-based Context Switching test,
>which is 8% slower on Debian).
I thought I'd try this.
Unixbench seems to want a /usr/bin/time, I have only the bash
Built-in time.  So where does one get time, or do you script  it,
or do you edit the Run script??

David Jensen

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