"Remove"-value causes syntax error with loadkeys

Andre Müller andre.muller at web.de
Mon Feb 9 06:21:57 PST 2004

from Declan Moriarty:

 >Presuming you have, I would define a couple of more things: Here's what
 >I have in /etc/environment:
 >LC_ADDRESS=en_IE at euro
 >LC_COLLATE=en_IE at euro
 >LC_MEASUREMENT=en_IE at euro
 >LC_MONETARY=en_IE at euro
 >LC_NAME=en_IE at euro
 >LC_NUMERIC=en_IE at euro
 >LC_PAPER=en_IE at euro
 >LC_TELEPHONE=en_IE at euro
 >LC_TIME=en_IE at euro
 >LC_ALL=en_IE at euro

 >I wouldn't claim to be the last word on these things,

you better not (not an offence in the least)
but you screw all the setting up by setting LC_ALL.
That guy overrides all of the LC_*-settings.

so you should either use that one (would make sense
as all the settings say the same, actually), or use
the whole long list for some mixed model.

as far as i am concerned i only want to modify the LC_CTYPE
and go with the default in any other case.

re:btw: that's an accent you can deal with, isn't it?
that's one of the strange thingys when basing an installation on
bloody knoppix. not nice, but the only way i got this all-too-new
gforce4-oem thingy to work...

i'll be in with reports on my system tomorrow...



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