[RELEASE] Package Manager for LFS

Heinke Frerichs the_hoink at gmx.net
Mon Feb 9 03:30:48 PST 2004

> Prometheus is a collection of bash scripts, so if you'd like to take a
> peek at its inner workings, just go ahead. Bug reports and patches are
> always welcome :-). The package profiles, too, are technically just bash
> scripts, but cannot run on their own.

I run pkgadd lfs and experienced some problems:
1) pkgadd invokes pkginfo -q which seems to be an invalid argument.
(pkgadd lines 247 and 348) I assume line 247 should be -d.

2) pkgadd line 409: 3: Bad file descriptor
This looks like an error message to me although pkgadd keeps running.

3) After building binutils fails to build gcc with no further information.

4) When trying to log installs in stage0 pkgadd fails with
grep: /var/log/install-logs/.vtab: No such file ...

Well, these are my experiences, but I'll keep trying...

--Heinke Frerichs

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