Can't compile anything anymore: "Unterminated `s' command"s

David Murphy ROT13tyvoqhq at ubgznvy.pbz
Sun Feb 8 19:39:44 PST 2004

Hey folks. A few days ago I started messing with my LFS system again. I've
been installing quite a bit of software, but today things went sour. As of
now, any package I try to install (I've tried 3 or 4, including ones I've
successfully installed before) doesn't ./configure properly. Toward the
end of the script, at the point where it generates the Makefiles, I get
one of these for each Makefile:

sed: file ./confstatwG8Uhq/subs-2.sed line 7: Unterminated `s' command

And 'make' does nothing after this, because all the Makefiles are
generated empty.

Anyone have any idea what I could have hosed? I believe the last package I
was able to successfully install was vte-0.11.10.

Any suggestions welcome.

-David Murphy

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