Stumped getting qpopper to work

Daniel Freedman daniel at
Sun Feb 8 10:52:03 PST 2004

Hi all,

I'm trying to get qpopper to start on my LFS5.0 system. Here's some
background info:

I want to set up my LFS box to run as a mail server in the background.
It will pick up emails from my ISP and hopefully filter and AV-check
them before I connect to the lfs box from Windows to download whatever
messages are left.

I've successfully installed openssl and dhcpcd so that i can maintain
my LFS box via a PuTTY session from my WinXP box - this is because I
only have one monitor!

I'm using xinetd instead of inetd

I've installed fetchmail and this is working. I now have a big file
called /var/mail/dan which contains probably nothing but spam, but I
can't get into this file to check it.

compiled qpopper according to the blfs book, but can't telnet to it,
either from Windows telnet or locally.  I keep getting a get a
"connection closed by foreign host" message. I can successfully telnet
into Postfix, though, so telnet itself is working. When I try to point
my Windows email program (which is Forte Agent, not Outlook Express)
at my lfs box I get a "connection closed unexpectedly by server"

tail /var/log/servicelog gives:
04/2/8 at 18:35:33: START: pop3 pid=217 from=
04/2/8 at 18:35:33: FAIL: pop3 pid=217 from=

the relevant section in /etc/xinetd.conf reads:
service pop3
	port = 110
	socket_type = stream
	wait = no
	user = root
	passenv = PATH
	server = /user/sbin/popper
	server_args = popper -s
	disable = no
	per_source = 10
	instances = 50

I've stopped and restarted xinetd to no avail.

Thanks in advance


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