LFS 5.0 - dhcpcd failing

Albert alwagner at tcac.net
Sat Feb 7 18:20:50 PST 2004

Allard Welter wrote:
> Besides the O6 optimization level which I think a bit excessive, the
> files being included are not the ones being asked for in the makefile.
> If you haven't updated your kernel they should be the same, however,
> if you are running a different kernel to the one glibc was compiled
> against you need to either edit the makefile to point to the headers
> of the kernel you're currently using, or symlink/rename the kernel
> sources to what the makefile is asking for (/usr/src/linux - note,
> they do not specify a version). I wouldn't give up that easily if I
> were you.

Thanks, Allard.  I *think* I understand this. To be sure they are in
sync I will recompile the kernel.  My first kernel was in /sources but
I unpacked a fresh one into /usr/src/linux-2.4.22 and recompiled my
kernel.  Later I linked it to /usr/src/linux to match the Broadcom
makefile.  At any rate, I'll poke around some more.  I assume that,
because my NIC isn't in the kernel list that there is no sense in
selecting another card.

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