Cups 'printtime' problems

cedric at
Fri Feb 6 06:31:13 PST 2004

Hi all, i try to get my printer working with cups and esp ghostscript.

All the software compiles and runs, but when i  print the cups testpage i get 
nothing but lines of random dots on my paper. 

At the first try i compiled foomatic ghostscript, and cups. 

At the second attempt i compiled cups, ghostscript with the omni drivers, and 
then cups again (for some reason)

This didn't change much, in the web-admin of cups i only could choose the 
HP Deskjet 500 (Foomatic/hpijs) 
for my printer. (Witch is indeed a deskjet 500)

I guess some of the foomatic (and hpijs) stuff has polluted my print setup. 

How do i correct this?

Regards, cedric
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