"Remove"-value causes syntax error with loadkeys

Andre Müller andre.muller at web.de
Fri Feb 6 03:24:58 PST 2004

On Thu, Feb 05, 2004 at 02:05:15PM +0000, Andre M?ller enlightened us thusly

 >> hello everybody,
 >> i?ve got yet another problem
 >> with my console keymapping. and i?m
 >> utterly out of my depths.
 >> i?ve got a straightforward lfs-4.1 installation,
 >> using the german keymap. by now i?ve got everything
 >> working properly but for two keys:
 >> the Del (that is forward-delete) and the End key
 >> (or Entf and Ende on German layout). when pressing,
 >> they both ring the bell and output a tilde (~) to
 >> screen.
 >> the Code for Del is Remove, as far as i know,
 >> and i?ve looked into several other functional
 >> console keymaps, which state consistently that
 >> keycode 111 is Remove. which is what my lfs system
 >> keymap says as well.
 >> i tried assigning other values to the key by loading minimal
 >> tables, which also works fine.
 >> (something along the lines of
 >> echo "keycode 111 = whatever" > test.map
 >> loadkeys test.map)
 >> But Remove (or its hexadicimal analog) causes a syntax error
 >> when trying to load it.
 >> i could not find any clues as to what is behind
 >> this oddity. anyone encounterd anything similar?

Your ' sign still looks like this "?" (Which I see as Z)

 >Send us a reply including everything you can't get and everything we
 >>can't get, like information: Your ' sign still looks like this ? (Which
 >I see as Z)
 >Your keyboard type.
 >	In the console, what font have you? keymap? locale?
 >Do the locale files exist in /usr/lib/locale?	
 >Have you X running? How do you manage there?
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i think i can answer the questions by heart --
more concise info has to wait till monday, as
my hardware´s not on the net and i won´t be home...

the trouble is the <Del> and the <End> key (bottom left and bottom 
middle of the sixpack). everything else works fine.

my keyboard is an ibm pc at, no windows keys, german layout,
connecting to ps2.

i use a default font 8xXX (tried a few for
troubleshooting, won´t matter).

the keymap is de-latin1-nodeadkeys, but the problem remains
when loading the us or uk keymaps us.map and uk.map
in the locale dir, there is one library (?) file and i
couldn´t make much of it. otherwise it´s empty.
i´ll get more concise asap.
my only language definition is LC_CTYPE=de_DE.

i´ve got no x -- i decided to have all the other
things nice and proper and so not to carry stupid
errors to where it gets even more confusing :-)
and i don´t really need it.

there _may_ be a problem connected to the kernel,
as i tried to compile a new one supporting my cheesy
old sb16 and ran into errors
with drivers/char/char.o it could not link to
key-map and couple other things. but i left it at that
and have to do some more testing first...
the first compilation went nicely, so i may or may not
have ruined something in between.

in short, i´ll be more helpful in getting help
in a couple days :-)



btw, what is that thing about the capital Zs? shure it´s me?
i´ve been using this mailer for a year now and did not
get any complaint yet... found nothing myself, too

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