[RELEASE] Package Manager for LFS

Oliver Brakmann obrakmann at gmx.net
Thu Feb 5 11:52:05 PST 2004

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Hi folks,

I'm proud to annouce the release of Prometheus, the Package Managing
Tool Set for LFS.
It's a joint effort by Gareth Jones and me. We've been working on it
close for a year now and it's quite usable right now. And since Gareth
is now busy with some important real life stuff (as opposed to me ;-),
I've decided to release this to the public. It still lacks some features
(like cross-platform building), but the basic functionality is there and
it works like a charm.

Prometheus is a collection of bash scripts, so if you'd like to take a
peek at its inner workings, just go ahead. Bug reports and patches are
always welcome :-). The package profiles, too, are technically just bash
scripts, but cannot run on their own.

Prometheus is basically a front-end to install-log's log files, so if
you're already using those, you can just install it and have a look at
it first hand.

There is a very simple way of resolving dependencies, which works quite
well, though (I once ran `pkgadd gtk2' on a freshly built LFS system and
watched it build X, all its support libraries and GTK 2.2.4 all in one

Besides being useful as a package manager, the profile Prometheus uses
are powerful enough to be used as an LFS build script. I have already
successfully built several LFS systems by issuing just a single command
and sitting back in my chair ;-). The tarball already contains such
LFS build profiles (which you'll want to modify for your needs), but
they are not up to date with the current LFS CVS. The package profiles as
I distribute them now also contain some deviations, like disabling i18n

The tarball can be downloaded here:

I'd appreciate any feedback, suggestions and critcism.

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